Stage sfx rentals

Cold Pyro / Spark Machine & Fall

Elevate your event with the mesmerizing effects of our Cold Pyro and Spark Machines. Perfect for creating stunning visual displays without the hazards of traditional pyrotechnics, these machines produce dazzling sparks that cascade like waterfalls, adding a touch of magic to any occasion. Ideal for weddings, concerts, and corporate events, our Cold Pyro and Spark Machines ensure safety while delivering breathtaking effects.


Confetti Co2 Canon, Confetti E Blaster / Shot, Co2 Confetti Gun, Confetti Blower

Transform your celebration into an unforgettable experience with our wide range of confetti effects. From Confetti Co2 Canons and Blasters to Co2 Confetti Guns and Blowers, we have everything you need to shower your audience in a burst of vibrant colors. Whether it’s a concert, sporting event, or a grand opening, our confetti machines will create a festive atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression.


Co2 Jet, Co2 Gun

Bring the thrill of high-energy effects to your stage with our Co2 Jets and Guns. Perfect for creating dramatic bursts of fog that add intensity and excitement to any performance, these devices are a staple for concerts, nightclubs, and theatrical productions. Easy to operate and highly effective, our Co2 effects will take your event to the next level.


Dry Ice Low Fog, Smoke Machine, Haze Machine

Set the scene with our atmospheric effects, including Dry Ice Low Fog, Smoke Machines, and Haze Machines. Create a mystical ambiance with a layer of low-lying fog, perfect for dance floors, theatrical productions, and weddings. Our smoke and haze machines add depth and dimension to lighting effects, enhancing the visual impact of your event.


Bubble Machine

Add a touch of whimsy to your event with our Bubble Machines. Perfect for children’s parties, weddings, and outdoor festivals, these machines produce a continuous stream of bubbles that delight guests of all ages. Easy to use and highly effective, our Bubble Machines create a playful and enchanting atmosphere.


Foam Machine

Turn your event into a fun-filled extravaganza with our Foam Machines. Ideal for foam parties, beach events, and themed parties, these machines generate mountains of foam that encourage playful interaction and excitement. Safe and easy to operate, our Foam Machines provide endless entertainment for guests.


Snow Machine

Create a winter wonderland any time of year with our Snow Machines. Perfect for holiday events, winter-themed parties, and photo shoots, these machines produce realistic snow effects that transform any venue into a snowy paradise. Safe and non-toxic, our Snow Machines add a magical touch to your event, making it truly memorable